Visual Literacy

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We are living in a visual world. From billboards and magazine covers to memes and Internet videos, visual media is everywhere. A textbook chapter on visual literacy explains the importance of becoming media literate. Thanks to a series of descriptive paragraphs, graphic organizers, and activities related to topics such as photography, editorial cartoons, magazine manipulation, and website design, individuals master media language.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage learners to regularly read the newspaper and bring in editorial cartoons, pictures, or advertisements they find to discuss with the class
  • Create a picture walk to accompany a novel or specific unit and have scholars go around the room and analyze a variety of photos or other visual media related to a topic
Classroom Considerations

  • Some lessons contain images, but others require searching for images ahead of time

  • Contains a wealth of links to additional resources on the topic
  • Brings in real-life examples to help make the content relevant

  • Lacks a table of contents to help organize the information contained in the chapter
  • Images appear in black and white, not color, which makes it difficult to fully analyze them