Using Biographies for Sequencing, Main Idea and Details

Amelia Earhart is the focus of a lesson that challenges scholars to determine the main idea and details of biographical texts. Small groups read a biography, respond to several questions, and put events in sequential order to create a timeline they can use while they write a book about the text's main idea. Independently, learners compose a biographical report after reading informational text about a famous person of their choice. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Conduct the lesson during Women's History Month, direct class members to choose other famous women to report on for their biographical report 
  • Display finished products and invite learners to share their reports with their peers 
  • Allow participants to research online resources in addition to informational texts found in the library—review how to choose credible sites and properly cite information 
Classroom Considerations
  • Text is rated a 3.0 in the Accelerated Reader program 
  • The introduction provides three mini-lessons to review the main ideas, details, sequencing, and biographies 
  • Includes a list of titles alongside their individual Accelerated Reading levels 
  • Provides ideas for making accommodation and modification for learners' needs 
  • Offers a plan to extend the learning experience 
  • None
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