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Use Area Models to Find the Area of Rectangles

This Use Area Models to Find the Area of Rectangles instructional video also includes:

Use area models as a strategy for solving problems involving finding the area of a rectangle. The definitions of rectangle and area are reviewed, along with the difference between perimeter and area. Then, two different problems are solved to illustrate using the area model to add up and find an answer. The formula for area is used as a way to check that the answer is correct.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Two examples of using the area model are used, giving more opportunities for understanding the concept
  • A brief reminder of how to appropriately label the units in the answer is helpful for comprehension
  • The video discusses the strategy of counting units in an area model, but does not offer other options for how the area model can be used, such as counting or adding
  • The speaker sometimes goes faster than the video content
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