Unit 8: Political Peanuts - Cartoons Inspired by President Carter

This Unit 8: Political Peanuts - Cartoons Inspired by President Carter unit also includes:

Your scholars may be familiar with the Marvel universe, but do they know how to read political cartoons? Comics aren't just for kids ... they often convey sophisticated political ideas, and reading them takes practice. A wealth of resources, including political cartoons from the Carter era, walk young historians through how to read the primary source using analytical and critical thinking skills. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Adapt the background activities and related resources for additional practice analyzing political cartoons
  • Use the included activities to practice primary source analysis
Classroom Considerations

  • Eighth in a 19-part series
  • Activities require class has in-depth knowledge of events of the Carter era, such as the oil embargo

  • Analysis worksheet asks learners to apply their knowledge to their own perspectives
  • Primary source analysis activities are ready to use in the classroom
  • Lessons are adaptable and work for short activities or more in-depth discussion over more than one class period

  • Many links are not valid
  • Some videos referenced require a paid subscription