Unit 10 Review: Graphing Sine and Cosine

This Unit 10 Review: Graphing Sine and Cosine worksheet also includes:

New Review

Go up and down with a review. Learners review finding the amplitude, midline, period, and frequency of sinusoidal functions and use that information to draw graphs. Pupils arrive at equations for function from graphs. They finish up the 11 problems by using a function to model a situation and to interpret values within the context.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Group classmates that demonstrate difficulty with similar concepts to provide additional instruction
  • Have classmates score each others' answers and provide an explanation on how to do the problems that were missed
Classroom Considerations
  • Fourth and final installment in a unit on graphing sine and cosine
  • Provides coordinate grids to use to graph functions
  • Organized in a manner to start with the easiest and work to the more complicated
  • None