Understanding the Basics of Advertising

This Understanding the Basics of Advertising handout & reference also includes:

Commercial breaks are a time to get up, stretch, and get a snack—but not so fast! Those advertisements are full of rhetorical devices, persuasive arguments, and media messages. Instead of fast-forwarding through the commercials this time, high schoolers note the product peddled in each advertisement, the message, the target audience, and the ad's effectiveness.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Choose a more topical or substantive example of a PSA for learners to analyze
  • Have pairs watch the same TV show for homework and each fill out the chart independently to compare the next day
  • Focus the lesson on political commercials during an election year or a curriculum focus on political campaigns
Classroom Considerations

  • The 13th part of a 19-lesson series; works within the unit as a whole or on its own

  • Encourages classmates to analyze what they see every day
  • Helpful for a unit on ethos, pathos, and logos
  • Graphic organizer is versatile and self-explanatory

  • None