Twelve a Dozen

Take your students on a mathematical adventure with this entertaining yet educational video game. Perfect for developing children's fluency with the four basic operations, this is a must-have resource for upper-elementary teachers.

2nd - 7th Math 142 Views 51 Downloads
CCSS: Adaptable
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App Overview

Taking them into a magical word of numbers hidden deep inside calculators, this story-based game is so much fun that children won't even realize they are improving their math and problem solving skills.

Game Play

  • Includes five chapters, each containing 10 different levels
  • Simple left, right, and jump commands navigate the character through each level
  • Start as the number 12, collecting other numbers along the way that can change the character's value through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Turn into specific numbers in order to open gates and complete each level
  • Unlock special powers like swimming, jumping high, climbing, and teleporting by becoming numbers that contain specific digits
  • Replay levels to try and achieve better scores


  • Adjust volume of the narrator, sound effects, and music
  • View general information about the app
  • See a list of your achievements within the game (37 total)
  • Challenge friends to beat your scores or accomplish the same achievements as you
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Curator Rating
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  • Scaffolding of learning
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Instructional Ideas
  • Offer this app as a math learning center in the upper-elementary or middle school grade levels
  • Create a series of worksheets that supports learners with completing each level of the game
  • With younger learners, allow them to work in pairs solving the problems and completing the game
Classroom Considerations
  • Children must be familiar with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of both positive and negative numbers in order to finish all levels of the game
  • Graphics, background music, and sound effects engage young learners
  • A narrator guides players through each level of the game
  • A Rewind button lets users go back and correct any mistakes they make
  • Help is available at any point in the game by selecting the Hint button
  • Only one user account can be set up on a single device