Town Mouse Country Mouse

This Town Mouse Country Mouse lesson plan also includes:

Jan Brett's Town Mouse Country Mouse serves as a reading tool for little learners in a set of worksheets. After kids read the story, they work on new vocabulary, compare the two mice in a Venn diagram, and analyze word consonant blends.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use lessons in a literacy center or small language arts group
  • Send the packet home along with the story for extended practice
  • Select the worksheets from the series that are the most relevant to your curriculum and your class's needs
Classroom Considerations

  • Some worksheets are in color, but printing in black-and-white shouldn't affect understanding

  • Includes activities that address various skills
  • Some activities are versatile and can be used with other stories

  • Worksheets are not organized very well (no table of contents)
  • Some instructions on worksheets are vague and don't contain examples or guides
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