Too Much? Not Enough? Adjusting Recipes

Fractions and mixed numbers are the focus of a lesson that challenges scholars to examine cooking recipes. Following a discussion of favorite foods, mathematicians work in small groups to adjust recipes based on how many people plan to enjoy it.  A final discussion about the problem-solving process accompanies a treat that participants can snack on. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Coordinate time in the cafeteria to use the equipment, prep and eat there if possible to decrease classroom clean-up
  • Remind pupils to use their notes as needed
  • Send a letter to parents and guardians, explain the lesson's objective and encourage them to include their child in the cooking process at home 
Classroom Considerations
  • Keep food allergies in mind before choosing a recipe to make in the classroom 
  • Participants should be familiar with fractions and mixed numbers 
  • Comes with ideas for differentiation and an extension activity 
  • Includes an alternate plan if ingredients or access to a kitchen is not available
  • Emphasizes the importance of following directions
  • None