Todo K-2 Math Practice

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This fun collection of activities provides young learners with a great opportunity to practice their math skills. Covering topics from counting and cardinality to simple addition and subtraction, this resource in useful across the early elementary grade levels.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

These eight learning activities are designed to provide children in kindergarten, first, and second grade with practice developing number sense and fluency with addition and subtraction. Each activity offers options for choosing a specific grade and level of difficulty, providing differentiation for all young mathematicians. Activities are grouped into three categories to assist users in choosing those most appropriate to their learning needs.

Number and Counting:

  • Count arrays of fruits and vegetables to develop one-to-one correspondence with numbers up to thirty
  • Practice counting and writing numbers one to ten
  • Create groups of objects to practice counting, adding, and subtracting with numbers one to ten

Visual Representations:

  • Use the context of sharing cookies to practice finding sums and differences less than or equal to twenty
  • Count the animals entering and exiting a barn to determine how many remain inside

Math Facts Practice:

  • Practice addition and subtraction facts
  • Create addition and subtraction equations that match pictures
  • Includes both single- and double-digit numbers


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Instructional Ideas

  1. Include this application as part of math rotations in primary grade classrooms.
  2. Provide this resource to learners needing extra practice developing basic number sense and fluency with addition and subtraction.
  3. If possible, use projection technology to supplement whole-class instruction on related topics.
Classroom Considerations

Todo K-2 Math Practice does provide access to Facebook, Twitter, and the App Store with minimal security. Be clear with students that they are not to access these features of the application.


  • Videos provide clear visual and verbal instructions for completing each activity
  • Allows users to select answers or write them using a finger



  • Does not include a feature that allows teachers to track progress or monitor learning