To Persuade

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Most young readers are aware that authors write to entertain or inform the audience, but it's also important for them to understand the art of persuasive writing. In the third lesson of this series, the teacher reads two letters to the class, highlighting the facts and opinions, expert testimony, and author's feelings that indicate the intent to persuade. To reinforce the concept of persuasion and capture the engagement young learners, consider bringing in examples of newspaper and magazine ads, or even video clips of television commercials to show to the class real-life examples of persuasive writing.

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CCSS: Designed
  • All supporting materials are included with the lesson plan
  • Sample pieces of writing clearly model the characteristics of persuasive writing
  • Includes a list of vocabulary words to address while reading aloud the persuasive letters
  • Additional scaffolding may be required to support young children with understanding the characteristics of persuasive writing
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