Tiny Countries

Oh no! Dr. Evil is trying to rearrange the continents of the planet into the shape of a rooster! Help our hero put a stop to his sinister plan while practicing world geography!

4th - 8th Social Studies & History 11 Views 2 Downloads
App Overview

Help Tiny, an international hero, with a mission to stop Dr. Evil from moving the continents of the world into the shape of a rooster! It is in this creative setting that youngsters practice geography. By playing, they will review:

  • Borders of countries
  • Flags
  • Capitals
  • Famous landmarks
  • Neighboring countries

When first entering the app, see an animation of Tiny being wakened by a phone call to come attend to this urgent mission.

There are two modes, Learn and Play.

Learn Mode:

  • Open a file that lists facts for each country
  • Access Learn from home screen or from within a mission introduction 

Play Mode:

  • See the "Continents at Risk" and receive spoken directives from the general
  • As questions are answered correctly, a progress bar is filled
  • Begin with 30 seconds and add five for every correct answer
  • At any point, tap the pause button and opt to Resume or return to "Continents at Risk" screen (button says Home)
  • With an incorrect answer, Tiny falls into the water, sometimes to be threatened or eaten by a shark
  • If eaten by a the shark, Tiny goes to heaven, but has a chance to go back and start the mission over again
  • After the first, country-hopping part of the mission, a comic strip challenge follows that repetitively queries solely on the locations of countries
  • From the "Continents at Risk" screen, a Clapperboard button in the upper-right corner allows players to watch the opening animation and a Back Arrow button returns to the home screen

Settings Icon on the Home Screen:

  • Sound on or off
  • Player reset progress or edit name
  • Switch profile to select a different user (up to five players allowed)



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Curator Rating
  • Adherence to task
  • Worth the money
  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning

    Contains a "Learn" mode

  • User safety
  • Control and feedback

    Limited customization options

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

Have your social studies class or junior geographers progress through the Learn file first. Then they can attempt the missions as review or self-assessment. The Tiny Countries app would be most appropriate for use after having covered the geography of all the continents as a review.

Classroom Considerations

Unfortunately, there is no option to choose a particular continent to study and Antarctica is excluded. Players must progress in the programmed order. Also, there is no way to go back and repeat a successfully completed continent without completely resetting progress.

Up to five players are allowed, and individuals' progress is saved for the next time they play. Note, however, that there is no way for them to share progress with you as the teacher.

  • Entertaining comic-strip graphics and animation
  • Adventurous background music
  • Spy-style storyline
  • Worth the cost
  • The Learn mode is boring
  • The missions are repetitive
  • Antarctica is excluded