Timeline Eons

Beginning as far back as 13,798,000,000 years ago, this interactive timeline details events from natural history, world history, US history, sports, scientific discoveries and developments, and even the arts. The app even projects future events!

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App Overview


  • Editable timeline range
  • Survey one event at a time, scroll through, or use the Go feature to jump to a specific year or period
  • Add or delete events and periods, or even edit existing events and periods
  • Periodic updates add new events
  • Bookmarks, Today in History, and a diary feature are included
  • Customizable background, fonts, and period bars
  • Click on an image and then link to an Internet search for individual events
  • Search for events by typing in key words
  • Time period bars for US presidencies and wars
  • Import or export timeline events from other tablets
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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task

    Contains or links to a plethora of natural and human history events

  • Worth the money

    A great value at $5.99

  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning

    Not intuitive; requires time to learn how to navigate

  • User safety

    Links to websites are embedded

  • Control and feedback

    Users can customize appearance and content

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  1. Have young historians interview grandparents and add family events to the timeline
  2. Assign a period for collaborative groups to become experts in, and then have them present it to the rest of the class
  3. Use Timeline Eons as a starting point for a research assignment
  4. As an ice-breaker, have learners use the Shake Gesture and share the event that shows up on their device
Classroom Considerations

The interface is not intuitive and will take some practice before learners can easily maneuver or customize the timeline. It will definitely help to read through the tips revealed by touching the yellow information button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

A free version is available, but it includes banner advertisements and offers only a limited timespan. The $6.99 version is well worth the cost.


  • Colorful pages that include vivid images
  • Allows learners to input their own events and customize the appearance
  • Can be used for jumping-off into a research project

  • None