Thomas Hobbes

This Thomas Hobbes handout & reference also includes:

From the state of nature and the social contract to his writing of Levaithan and belief in a single ruler, this worksheet offers a great overview of Enlightenment thinker Thomas Hobbes. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Consider complementing this worksheet with an activity called Freeland vs. Leaderland, which can be found with a simple Internet search. Learners must decide and argue the merits of a place entirely without rules versus one that has little freedom, but is primarily safe
  • Find worksheets or informational text on the other major Enlightenment philosophers (i.e. Rousseau, Locke, and Montesquieu) to study in addition to this handout

  • Worksheet includes a direct quote from Leviathan and an opportunity for image analysis
  • Includes answer key

  • None