Things to Make and Do

Get in the holiday spirit with a collection of Christmas art projects. Here, scholars have the opportunity to create their own holiday card, decorations, design a party poster, build a model castle, make an advent calendar, and bake snowman cupcakes. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Save prep-time and money, and ask parents to donate craft materials
  • Display finished products to add a festive flair to your classroom decor
  • Complete crafts in center rotations and invite parents to help learners along the way 
Classroom Considerations

  • Several pages promote the store that designed the resource and the organization with which it is affiliated
  • Each activity requires a different amount of prep-time and materials 

  • Provides a key to make reading activity instructions easier 
  • Offers crafting and cooking tips, picture examples, and engaging holiday facts 

  • None