The War

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Can simple kindness stop bullying? Discussion groups view a segment of the film The War, then examine the potential benefits of being kind to bullies rather than fighting back. The 16th lesson in a series of 17 encourages pupils to be open to the views of others while confronting a bully using non-violent actions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Ask your fellow teachers if they have ever used kindness to diffuse a situation in their professional or personal lives, then have one or two talk about what happened with your group
  • Have discussion groups come up with examples of bullying situations they could diffuse using an act of kindness
Classroom Considerations

  • The main character gets beaten up at the beginning of the clip; it might be a good idea to discuss the lesson with an administrator before conducting it

  • Presents a difficult yet effective way to turn around a tough situation in a format that learners can understand
  • The content itself makes for great discussion and debate within your class

  • None
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