The Voting Rights Act, 1965 and Beyond

Voting restrictions are a hot button topic. Calls for government-issued photo identification cards, cut backs to polling places, to voting hours, and restrictions on registration drives are seen by some as protection against voter fraud and by others as a way to disenfranchise low income and minority voters. Class members examine charts and graphs, read transcripts of court cases that challenge the Voting Rights Act, and research efforts in their state to limit voting rights. Groups are assigned an issue to research and create a poster of their findings that they present to the class.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Expand the 1960-1992 Black Legislators in the South graph to include present statistics
  • Add to the graph data about the number of women and Latino legislators
Classroom Considerations
  • Presumes class members have completed the second lesson in the series
  • The NBC Learn videos are no longer available; however, links to the transcripts of those videos are included
  • To save on copying costs, groups should have access to computers with internet so they can examine the documents on line
  • The final activity encourages individuals to get involved
  • None