The Trigonometric Functions

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This extensive chapter gives learners a new angle on that old geometry favorite, trigonometry. From the unit circle to right triangles, the role of trigonometric ratios is explored through explanation of theory and working application problems. The chapter starts with the basics of measuring angles in the unit circle and progresses through defining trigonometric ratios and using them to find physical measures and solve triangles. A careful treatment of the law of sines / cosines and the ambiguous case give this lesson bigger theoretical chops than most introductory curriculum on geometric trigonometry. A great way to supplement or even replace your own material on the topic.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use problems or graphics from the chapter to supplement existing homework and assessment material
  • Consider having learners create real-life problems modeled after the application examples and problems in the law of cosines / law of sines chapter
  • Assign the history information and investigation on page 319 as an out-of-class project with a presentation component
Classroom Considerations
  • Mixed review problems at the end of each section cover concepts from previous non-included chapters 
  • If copy costs are a concern, note that the first two pages of the pdf introduce the whole unit, instead of this specific chapter
  • Detailed explanations and many examples of each concept
  • Aligned problem sets to each chapter with referenced examples
  • Emphasis on both application and theory
  • Material covers a wide range of ability levels, offering something for all pupils
  • No answer key for problem sets available
  • Graphing calculator activities not easily separated from the chapter because of placement on pages and references to chapter problems