The Revolution: Interactive Guide

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If you're looking for another resource to supplement your teaching of the American Revolution in United States history, you may want to consider this app. As an interactive textbook, this can afford you opportunities for deeper analysis of primary source images from the revolution, as well as a bit more interaction than your traditional classroom textbook.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Chapter Topics:

  • Pre-revolution Patterns of Change
  • The Effects of Colonial Tension
  • The Seven Years War
  • Modern Significance of the Revolution
  • The Road to War
  • Declaring Independence
  • The War: Battles and Strategy
  • The American Victory
  • Long-Term Impacts
  • Creating State Governments
  • 1780s: Aftermath of the Revolution


  • Similar to an e-book, swipe left to right to turn to the next page
  • Detailed informational text focused on the Revolutionary War
  • Highlights and explanatory text for notable primary source images
  • Historical mini-features, such as Court vs. Country Politics, Contemporary International Revolutions, or The Revolution at the Box Office
  • Interactive timeline of major revolution events between 1750 and 1776 
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Curator Rating
  • Adherence to task
  • Worth the money

    Lots of content available for adaptation, but some functions are not operating properly

  • Fun factor

    Few opportunities for high-level engagement

  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety
  • Control and feedback

    No ability to save and/or track progress Cannot customize or create content

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas
  • For an exercise in text analysis, have students compare and contrast the way a particular topic is presented in this app versus the way it is written in your own traditional classroom text. Look for language, author bias, and use of evidence
  • Design your own assessments to follow each section of the chapter, or have pupils draw and submit a series of images to illustrate their reading and comprehension of the text
  • Project the images on your tablet onto a whiteboard in order to address the class as a whole and engage in further interaction with students
Classroom Considerations
  • There is only one chapter ("Chapter 1: The Revolution"), which consists of 34 pages that you can swipe through; however, there is no other way to easily jump to a sub-chapter. This may be addressed in future versions of the app, but is not an option in Version 1.0
  • Opportunities for critical/high-level thinking are limited, as interactive portions are limited to tapping in order to navigate through steps of a list or revealing hidden text descriptions
  • Large collection of content, both in readings and primary source images
  • Includes series of maps illustrating the Continental Army's major movements from 1775 to 1781
  • Audio narration does not work
  • Cannot zoom into images that are more difficult to comprehend
  • Review quizzes do not function