The Reading Road: Digraphs

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Scrambling to find phonics resources to teach young readers about consonant digraphs? Your search is over. These teacher-led activities and reading passages expose children to dozens of new words that include the sh, ch, th, ph, and tch spelling patterns.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Work through these exercises during teacher-led learning centers in the primary grades
  • Supplement these activities into mini-units focusing on specific consonant digraphs
  • Having students practice reading the included stories to one another
  • Laminate the pages for the On the Phone and The Death Squad stories and create class books that can be used each year to teach about digraphs
  • Resource addresses the two different phonemes associated with the ch digraph
  • Reading passages use different-colored text to distinguish words that include consonant digraphs
  • Engaging images are offered as support with learning about words with consonant digraphs
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