The Probability Race

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On your mark, get set, roll! Explore probability with your class using this series of fun dice games. Beginning with rolling single die, young mathematicians graph the results to learn that each number is equally likely to occur. Continue by introducing a second die and asking learners to record the sum of two dice, eventually leading to a realization that the probability of each event is not the same. Extend the lesson plan by using different sized dice and looking for patterns in the outcomes. Be sure to include these learning activities the next time you teach your class about probability.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • Hands-on activities engage learners and clearly demonstrate key concepts related to probability
  • Provides a list of children's books related to probability, allowing for interdisciplinary connections
  • Includes guiding questions to use when discussing the results of each activity
  • Requires the teacher to create probability race grids