The Phone Charger Conundrum

This The Phone Charger Conundrum lesson plan also includes:

In a role-playing activity, young engineers develop a standard for what a cell phone would need in order to use a "PowerFork" charger. Once the parameters are set, they work in small groups to construct such a cell phone. By using this lesson, designers discover the importance of having technical standards to establish uniformity. 

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  • Ideal as a STEM lesson
  • Aligned to Next Generation Science Standards in engineering
  • Provides detailed background information for the teacher
  • Includes discussion questions, a worksheet, Internet connections, and suggestions for related writing activities
  • Employs critical thinking skills
  • Constructing the holes that fit the fork tines could be difficult for younger learners who have limited dexterity
  • Next Generation Science Standards are listed for elementary schoolers, but the lesson body states that it is appropriate for ages 11 and up