The Geography of Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving dinner is a time of savory sauces and delicious dinners. But where do all those ingredients come from? Teach middle schoolers about local agriculture with a lesson that focuses on the elements of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. As individuals investigate where their turkeys, corn, sugar, and pumpkins come from (among others), they decide which foods can be feasibly raised or grown in local farms.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Connect the activity between language arts, social studies, and science
  • Use the lesson as part of a 4-H assignment
  • Incorporate the group activity into a lesson on agriculture or a school focus on healthy and local eating
Classroom Considerations

  • Links to interactive maps, auxiliary videos, and additional resources are available within the lesson plan
  • Learners who are sensitive to the animals involved in the meat industry may not enjoy parts of the lesson

  • Provides a list of relevant websites, books, and multimedia
  • Encourages critical thinking for a familiar topic

  • None