The Egyptian Pharaohs: Wise Investors or Wasteful Spenders?

This The Egyptian Pharaohs: Wise Investors or Wasteful Spenders? unit also includes:

How should a government invest its surpluses? Using the ancient Egyptians as a case study, learners consider whether the pyramids were an example of wasteful spending or a good use of resources. Activities include worksheets that allow individuals to build their arguments and counterarguments before engaging in a class debate and writing persuasive essays. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use activities to prepare pupils to write argumentative essays on the Egyptian pyramids
  • Engage class members in a debate on how the Egyptians should have spent their surpluses
Classroom Considerations

  • Resource is second in the six-part series Ancient Civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome

  • Activities are easy to adapt to a variety of classroom lesson plans
  • Extension activities for ELA, math, and science allow for interdisciplinary instruction

  • None