The Earth Moves Under My Feet

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Most people rely on the ground under them remaining still and constant, yet the plates on the earth are constantly moving. A research-based STEM lesson asks pupils to research seismic data and tectonic plates. Then they create surveys of people's experiences and use spreadsheets to analyze the data. Scholars use this information to develop earthquake preparedness plans for specific areas. The unit ends with a study of landform processes and geologic history.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Oklahoma is not on a plate boundary, yet it has recently started having many earthquakes; debate why the change in geologic activity is occuring
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires prior knowledge of map projections, how the sphere of the earth is represented on flat maps, latitude, longitude, and spreadsheet skills
  • Prepare flat world maps for each group with dimensions of at least 11x17 inches; be sure it displays latitude and longitude
  • Uses a variety of student-centered assessments throughout the unit
  • Easily adaptable for resource, gifted, and ELLs using the tips included
  • Focuses on data collection and analysis techniques
  • None