The DREAM Act and the American Dream

This The DREAM Act and the American Dream unit also includes:

Should the US extend government support of higher education to immigrants who have entered the country illegally? To prepare to address this hot-button topic, class members take the American Citizenship Test, annotate an article that discusses arguments for and against the Dream Act, and participate in a Socratic seminar. At the conclusion of the discussions, individuals craft an argumentative essay presenting their stance on the issue. Included in the packet are a sample essay, a discussion rubric, and a template for the essay.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Very dynamic central question which is sure to generate interest
  • Link provided to related materials



  • The reading, "Educating Non-Citizens," is unsigned and undocumented
  • The directions for the annotation guide are convoluted and confusing
  • Beware the typos and grammatical errors