The American Puritan Tradition and Dilemma: Part II

The second in a series of three lessons that examine how different writers explore the issues of individual freedoms and tolerance in America uses The Crucible as the anchor text. The focus here is what Miller has to say about the causes and results of intolerance. Through a series of carefully scripted activities, groups view multiple interpretations of scenes, compare the characters to their historical counterparts, and respond to text-based questions. To conclude the study, individuals craft an alternate ending to the play.

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CCSS: Designed

  • The activities are carefully sequenced and designed
  • All required materials are included in the resource

  • Preview the documentary to determine which sections would be most appropriate for your class
  • The lesson requires a reading of the entire play
  • The challenge for writers is to come up with an allternative ending that remains true to Miller's themes