Teenage Assassins and the Outbreak of the First World War

This Teenage Assassins and the Outbreak of the First World War lesson plan also includes:

The Shot Heard Round the World—the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand—launched the world into its first global conflict. Scholars explore where nationalism and assassination merge. Through research and role playing, one can see that in this case, one man's death caused nations to fight against nations in what would become the First World War. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate an extension activity using different assassinations from history and understanding the impact of those deaths compared to Ferdinand's
  • Locate and show photos of the crime scene from Serbia prior to the first lesson
Classroom Considerations
  • Group should be no more than three; make sure each person has a role
  • This is a three-lesson series; keep group material together for all three days 
  • Extension activities possible with the additional primary documents found on website
  • Opportunity to add to the lesson with an extension activity on the Battle of Kosovo
  • Role-playing opportunities allow for direct involvement in learning
  • None