Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying

This Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying lesson plan also includes:

After discussing the vocabulary term perspective, and introducing the class to the characters in the included clip from Friday Night Lights, ask individuals to put themselves in the place of one of the characters in the clip. Once pupils have answered the questions on the worksheet from the point of view of their assigned character, come together to share responses and discuss the impact of offline and online cruelty. All necessary materials are provided.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Video clip is engaging and demonstrates both online and offline cruelty
  • Comes with even more materials than you need: a video, worksheets, an assessment, all the questions to ask your class, answer keys for both the activity and the assessment, vocabulary, and more

  • Be sure to screen the clip before showing it to your class to ensure that your pupils are mature enough to view the content