Symbols of Democracy

Middle schoolers investigate the two major US political parties, their symbols, their history, and their leaders. The project begins with group readings of several articles, progresses to researching a particular party or important person, and culminates with a presentation of findings.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • During an election year, have one group identify candidates for other parties and create posters or short presentations for them
  • Although designed for middle school classes, the lesson, with some modification, is appropriate for high school classes as well
Classroom Considerations
  • The readings are complex; some class members may need extra scaffolding to comprehend the text
  • Comes with a reminder that this is a research project and not a discussion of personal political beliefs
  • Links are provided to the background articles
  • An exit ticket asks class members to decide whether party affiliation really matters
  • None