Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism

Introduce young scholars to mathematics of the three-dimensional world with this slide show presentation on surface area. Offering colorful diagrams, guided practice examples, and opportunities for collaborative discussions, this resource supports students as they apply their understanding of two-dimensional shapes to the measurement of rectangular prisms.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Show this presentation during an introductory lesson on surface area
  • Create a note-taking guide that students can use to record their work during the presentation
  • Add one or more word problem slides to the presentation, challenging the class to apply their learning to real-world contexts
Classroom Considerations
  • This presentation is meant to be shown over the course of two consecutive class periods, but can be adapted to fit your specific class schedule
  • Some of the slides can get a little crowded, so be sure to clearly identify and explain the information being presented
  • Resource is downloadable as a PowerPoint presentation, allowing teachers to customize it to meet the specific needs of their class
  • Teacher notes are included with each slide in the presentation
  • Some slides include Scaffolding and Extension buttons that help to differentiate instruction 
  • Warm-up activities, practice problems, and an exit ticket question are included in the presentation
  • The background and text of the title slide is inconsistent with the rest of the presentation, which can easily be fixed by opening the file in Microsoft PowerPoint and making the necessary changes
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