Super Tracker Nutrition

This Super Tracker Nutrition unit also includes:

Here's a program that uses technology to encourage high schoolers to develop healthy diet and exercise habits. After tracking and evaluating their eating choices, class members craft a personalized nutrition plan and daily menu based on what they have learned about calorie balance and food groups.  

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Instructional Ideas

  • Although designed for health classes, the lessons are appropriate for most classroom situations
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires access to SuperTracker, a tracking tool designed to encourage high schoolers to make changes in their eating and exercise habits and to Food-A-Pedia

  • The 67-page booklet from the United States Department of Agriculture includes five lessons, a nutrition glossary and printable templates, links to SuperTracker and Food-A-Pedia, as well as related sites

  • None of the lesson supply specific support for an exercise plan