Subduction Zone Conditions

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How can you recreate history that's been buried under the sea for ages? Earth science scholars examine core samples from a subduction zone in an inquiry-based activity. Individuals compare actual data to a detailed key, then develop a hypothesis to explain the ages and types of material within each sample.

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Instructional Ideas

  • After students form their hypotheses, show a diagram of the plate boundaries in the region and ask them to evaluate their work
  • Find core sample data from a different type of plate boundary interaction and have learners create hypotheses around it for a homework assignment
Classroom Considerations

  • Try pairing pupils to examine the data and collaborate to form a hypothesis
  • Spend a moment walking the class through the key and core sample diagrams if this is their first experience with data of this type

  • The activity is challenging but contains clear, measurable goals for learning
  • Teacher's guide contains questions and sample answers to help you keep the lesson on track

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