Still-Life Shading

Showing light and shadow in a drawing or painting is trickier than it looks. After viewing famous examples of still-life paintings, young artists use shading techniques in their own art to emphasize the contrast between light and shadow.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Display the finished products at a class art show or in school hallways
  • Incorporate the lesson into an art history unit
Classroom Considerations

  • Lists possible still-life paintings to use as examples, but you could augment the list with your own favorites
  • Assumes learners have artistic experience
  • Requires enough flashlights for each student, or at least one per small group

  • Breaks the lesson into two days to reinforce understanding
  • Uses a variety of models (classic art, teacher drawing, flashlights) to demonstrate the concept

  • None
Common Core