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Stats of the Union catalogues and displays key health statistics of United States' counties, from life expectancy or infant mortality to the percentage of adults who currently smoke or have high blood pressure. Easily swipe between factors and/or counties to see the information you are most interested in, and rather than depending on the findings of other publications, use the data to draw your own conclusions as a class on the state of the nation's health.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview


  • Pinch and zoom in to see data from specific counties across the country
  • Compare counties to an overview of the whole state or country
  • After zooming into a region, tap on a specific county to see its complete data
  • Export snapshots of your screen to discuss the data you are seeing for a particular health indicator
  • Easily navigate between health indicators and your own history using the app

Available Health Indicators:

  • Demographics: population, population density, below the poverty level, varying ethnicities and age levels
  • Summary: life expectancy, all causes of death, poor/fair health
  • Births: low birth weight, births according to age, no first trimester care, total births
  • Deaths: infant mortality, heart disease, cancers, homicides, stroke, suicides, total deaths
  • At-Risk Groups: no diploma, unemployment, work disabled, drug users
  • Diseases: range from Salmonella to Syphilis
  • Risk Factors: no exercise, overweight, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, access to medical care


*Data is drawn from the Community Health Status Indicators report, which contains health and lifestyle data from federal agencies including the Census Bureau, Department of Health & Human Services, Department of Labor and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Rating Details

  • Adherence to task

    Consistent and thoughtful interpretation of data is necessary for a comprehensive understanding of the graphics you are viewing

  • Worth the money
  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety
  • Control and feedback

    There are no ways to customize how you are viewing the information

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

  • This would be an interesting app to explore with a statistics & probability class. Engage in exercises analyzing how the information is displayed (e.g. normalizing data, range in distributions, using the median value, etc.)
  • After working with the app, have pupils participate in a conversation identifying a comprehensive definition of "health", using their experiences and the information provided as evidence 
  • In an American government class, learners can discuss the connection between the nation's current state of health and the availability of medical care in the United States, as well as the future implications of overall health costs and risks
Classroom Considerations

  • The information in this application and the manner in which the data is presented may better be suited for older or more advanced learners
  • The blue coloring of counties tends to represent the "positive" indicator, and the green coloring represents the "negative"
  • It will be important to take the time to really analyze and explain what is presented in each graphic, rather than draw simple/immediate conclusions based on the coloring

  • Easily navigate between maps you are viewing and have previously viewed
  • Wealth of data and wide variety of health indicators

  • Inability to sort by city or state can make reading the information difficult
  • Colors do not remain consistent according to high and low (see classroom considerations for more detail)