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Solve Fraction Word Problems: Using Key Words and Pictures

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Word problems are the focus in the seventh of eight lessons on understanding fractions. Young mathematicians are instructed in finding key words to solve the problem using a four-step system: 1) find the unit 2) find the total number of the unit 3) find the part of the total that the questions asks about 4) draw a picture. A step-by-step walk through of an example of solving a word problem using this process.

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Classroom Considerations
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  • A review of fractions that includes different ways of displaying a fraction as well as the definition
  • A review of unit
  • Some of the speaking does not correlate with what is being shown on the screen; for example, after the definition of a fraction is given, the speaker goes on to talk about the importance of using pictures to solve problems, but the screen still shows the example of a fraction
  • The final answer given only lists the number of the problem, not the units, so you'll want to point this out to the learners in your class and remind them that a word problem answer always requires a number and a unit to be written
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