Social Media Madness

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Tired of seeing u instead of you and 2 instead of too? Teach your pupils how to write for an academic setting by asking them to correct these six social media posts that are full of grammatical errors, spelling errors, and text speak.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Challenge pupils to also identify what exactly is wrong in each post; for example, they can label sentence fragments, punctuation issues, and spelling errors
  • Invite learners to find a few school-appropriate social media posts that are full of errors and edit these as a class
Classroom Considerations
  • Since the posts are real, they contain real-life situations; for example, one talks about divorce
  • These posts include examples of many common grammar and spelling errors for kids to puzzle through
  • Find a second worksheet in the materials tab that includes six more real posts to edit
  • Answers are not provided