Silent E Sneaks Up on Vowel A

This Silent E Sneaks Up on Vowel A lesson plan also includes:

A very important technique for emerging readers to master is how a silent /e/ at the end of a word often makes the short vowel sound in the word into a long vowel sound. After a teacher-led demonstration of how this technique works, pupils play a learning game on the computer that gives them lots of practice using the silent /e/.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Divide class into small groups and have them rotate through each activity
  • Send part of the lesson home for kids to practice with parents
Classroom Considerations

  • There are some grammar and spelling errors in the lesson plan, but they don't affect understanding
  • You'll need access to a technology lab or a class set of computers for the second part of the lesson

  • Incorporates phonics activities and computer skills into one lesson
  • Provides extension opportunities for older or advanced learners

  • None