Should We Stay or Should We Return?

This Should We Stay or Should We Return? unit also includes:

The journey of Gabriel and Aleul is coming to an end as readers experience their struggle to decide to stay in America or to return to South Sudan. Pupils explore the themes of human rights and assimilation with role-play activities, group discussions, and reading. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use provided activities to expand discussion of the topics of immigration, human rights, and world peace efforts
  • Have students work in small groups or as a whole class to discuss what they would have done in Gabriel and Aleul's situation, and why 
Classroom Considerations
  • The provided activities are not provided as separate files 
  • Themes of immigration and violence may be unsettling for certain age groups
  • Final installment of a six-part series
  • The provided activities lend themselves to class-led discussions and learning
  • Activities provide a good platform to discuss themes of human rights, tolerance, and immigration
  • None