Share My Candy

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The love most preteens have for candy will outweigh their suspicions of fraction arithmetic in a fun problem set and its supporting work. Tasked with helping a fellow student divide a candy bar stash, learners manipulate fractions through division and multiplication, then explain and validate their reasoning. The scaffolded work provided really emphasizes this interpretation of answers, and will help young learners develop that all-important intuition for fraction math. The supplied rubric and annotated student work examples make this unit a valuable resource for your rational number arithmetic curriculum.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Learners could use food manipulatives to model problems or to come up with their own similar questions
  • Consider using the final problem set for a mock end-of-course question, then have the learners self- or pair-grade according to the included rubric and annotated student work
  • Extend the word problem writing to the skill-drill worksheets, having the class write scenarios that would result in the arithmetic questions given
  • Link with a cooking class lesson on sizing up or down recipes
Classroom Considerations
  • Support work assumes that learners are familiar with the use of picture models in teaching fraction arithmetic
  • Accommodations for diverse learners are provided throughout the teaching supports, noted as universal design adaptations
  • Mixed division and multiplication problems require deeper thought and understanding
  • Emphasis on the meaning of numerical answers
  • Support work effectively combines skill practice with modeling and discovery learning
  • Supports for universal design provided throughout teaching notes
  • None