Shallow Gene Pool – No Diving!

This Shallow Gene Pool – No Diving! unit also includes:

How did you get that cleft chin? Why do some people have a widow's peak and others don't? Learn about genetic traits, cell reproduction, and the importance of varying the gene pool with a series of activities and experiments for young biologists.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the experiments and activities throughout your unit on genetics and DNA
  • A great addition to a middle school science class, and also helpful for a high school biology
Classroom Considerations
  • The packet oes not include a table of contents, so the lessons are not organized
  • Each lesson comes with a set amount of time for completion, but you could alter the time periods as needed 
  • Labs come with a specific materials list (microscopes, blenders, hot plates, petri dishes, etc.)
  • The wide variety of activities is sure to address the needs of most any biology curriculum
  • Labs are engaging and entertaining for learners of all levels
  • Resource was created in 2006, so many of the links are broken and the auxiliary materials and lessons are not available; use these sections as inspiration and tips for the labs you create