Self-Esteem Quotes

Teenagers are so worried about what others think of them that they seldom stop to consider how they think of themselves. An introspective lesson prompts class members to analyze their own self-esteem in the context of several inspirational quotes, peer discussions, and positive self-talk to encourage self-compassion.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Incorporate into a peer counseling group or when focusing on mental health in health class
  • Have class members keep a journal to note kindness minutes during the day
  • Use the reflection questions as a prompt to a narrative or argument essay
Classroom Considerations

  • Designed for eighth graders, but applicable to younger and older grades as well

  • An encourage message to high schoolers in a world where they often question their worth
  • Provides helpful articles and resources to extend the lesson

  • None
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