Sediment Deposition Supports Seafloor Spreading

How do seafloor sediment deposits support the theory of seafloor spreading? Dive in to an activity comprised of observation and data analysis. Learners examine the Juan de Fuca Ridge and graph data collected during an actual expedition. They use the data to explain how it supports seafloor spreading. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • To conserve time, pair pupils and have one act as computer navigator and the other as a recorder
  • Early finishers can find out more about the expedition and the JOIDES Resolution the website; the site contains interactive games, too
Classroom Considerations

  • Print class sets of the guide in color
  • Arrange for time in a computer lab to complete the Google Earth portion of the lesson

  • Teacher's guide has all the printable materials needed for flawless execution
  • Student pages provide clear instruction to help keep the class focused on the objectives of the lesson

  • None