Science Lab Safety Rules

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Performing experiments in the lab is an excellent way to apply your scientific knowledge, but only if you know how to keep safe in the lab. Remind your learners about lab safety with a short list of rules, first aid tips, and a quiz about safe and unsafe activities that could happen during experiments.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have kids choose an unsafe activity in the lab to create a warning poster about, and display the posters in your class as reminders in the beginning of the year
  • Create a contract for learners to sign, indicating that they will follow the lab safety rules to the best of their ability
  • Write up the safety rules as a list to display on a large poster in your laboratory
Classroom Considerations
  • The Laboratory Nightmares picture is hard to see; consider asking an artistic member of your class to redraw it to make it easier to understand
  • Great for experienced young scientists as well as newcomers to the lab
  • Covers a wide variety of potential problems that could occur during an experiment
  • None