Saxon Math: Algebra 2 (Section 12)

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This final section of 12 Saxon Math units for algebra 2 wraps up the series with a strong showing of function summaries, trigonometric applications, and statistical analysis. Labs emphasize guided discovery learning of regression principles, while polynomial transformations get the function family treatment. Add in some trigonometric identities and some well-written and realistic examples and this section does not disappoint. One last set of lessons ripe for harvesting to supplement or replace parts of your current algebra 2 curriculum.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Labs on performing regressions lead well into independent or small group projects where learners analyze data sets of personal interest
  • First lesson summarizing transformations of polynomial graphs makes for fabulous summary or end-of-course review
  • Changes in measure appendix lesson would make for great cross-curricular material with the science or engineering departments
Classroom Considerations
  • Calculator instructions in labs and activities assume that the class is using the TI-83/84/85 suite of graphing calculator
  • Modular activities and lessons are often followed by distributed practice problems that directly spiral in material from the previous sections
  • Strong statistical background and STEM activities
  • Emphasis on investigative learning
  • Lessons modularized for easy integration into existing curriculum
  • Examples and problems draw on real-world scenarios
  • Answer key not provided
  • Separable lessons strung together in haphazard order, seemingly without regard for logical flow