Saxon Math: Algebra 2 (Section 10)

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In this 10th of 12 Saxon math sections, the curriculum definitely has an end-of-course feel to it. Conic sections, polar graphing, rational equations, and exponential inequalities all work to stretch the young algebrist and prepare them for future math successes. However, these heady concepts are grounded with lots of examples and clear diagrams, keeping them well within the reach of dedicated classes. Great lessons and lab activities to enrich your current second semester algebra 2 curriculum!

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Polar coordinate labs would make excellent guided discovery style activities, particularly to extend those classes that are pre-calculus bound
  • Excellent diagrams and graphs of conic sections for use in your own problems and lessons
  • Factoring higher order polynomial sections and exponential inequality section would allow differentiation for advanced learners
  • Consider inviting a physics or engineering professor from a local college or junior college in to speak on use and application of the vector lessons
Classroom Considerations
  • Lessons and examples are highly modular and adjustable, but the distributed practice problems are full of references to the first nine sections of material
  • Graphing calculator labs and investigations assume that the class is using the TI-83/84/85 suite of calculators
  • Approachable treatment of high concept topics
  • Examples pull from real-life science and math topics
  • Seamless bridging of many past geometric topics into their algebraic incarnations
  • Material has a forward-looking focus, building skills for precalculus and calculus success
  • No answer key available
  • Modular units seem cobbled together without regard for flow or logical progression