Rock Cycle in the Lab: Earth Products and the Processes that Link Them

Middle school geologists will rock at the rock cycle, thanks to this activity. Partners examine images of rock formations, then work together to link them to the process that created them and the timeframe in which the process happened. You'll enjoy the simple set up and execution detailed in the teacher's guide.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class examine samples of the three main rock types along with the provided images
  • Use the lesson to help pupils prepare flash cards of the rock types and how they form 
Classroom Considerations

  • Make enough color copies of the images for each group to use

  • The all-inclusive teacher's guide contains printables, images, and answer keys
  • Presents content in a process/product manner, which is helpful when pupils are tackling a lot of new information in one sitting

  • The link to the PowerPoint is no longer valid