Revise an Informational Paragraph

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Once the explanatory essay is drafted, there's still work to be done! Young writers can watch this lesson, the last of a six-part series, to gain tips on how to polish their essay through revision. They'll see examples of adding specific details, identifying confusing sections, and changing transitional phrases. Be sure to have the class watch previous lessons first, as each section builds on the last. 

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Classroom Considerations

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  • The three-step checklist provided for thinking about what revisions to make is a helpful tool
  • The final draft of the essay could be used as an exemplar text

  • The instructor states the changes she is making, but does not always go into why she is making the changes; for instance, at one point she states that the phrase for example does not make sense in its current location in a paragraph, but does not explain why it does not make sense
  • The final draft essay conclusion is significantly modified from the paragraphs being discussed a moment before; discuss with the class what changes were made and why they were made
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