Respiratory System

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Trying to plan a lesson on the respiratory system? Then take a deep breath, because this presentation has you covered. From the atmosphere through the lungs and blood to the body's cells, this presentation investigates the complex series of gas exchanges and chemical reactions that sustain animal life.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show this presentation over the course of multiple class periods during a unit on human body systems
  • Develop a note-taking guide for the class to complete while viewing the presenation
Classroom Considerations
  • Pictures of diseased lungs are included in the presentation, which may be disturbing to some students
  • Clearly labeled diagrams help learners identify the different organs involved in respiration
  • Presentation is available as a PowerPoint file, which can be edited by teachers to meet the specific needs of their class
  • Presentation includes two videos that model the transportation of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood stream
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