Research and Report

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I love well scaffolded resources that help all types of learners succeed, and this is one of them! Here you will get a huge set of printable cards that are intended to help foster good research skills in your fifth graders. They choose one topic (rectangle card) and four details (oval cards) to research. Then they use a graphic organizer and a worksheet to take notes, list source information, and organize their reports. Topics range from places, to animals, to national parks, to science concepts, and each set of detail cards addresses subtopics related to the overarching topic. The great thing is that the graphic organizer uses the same shapes so children see the connection between the details and the main topic. Perfection! 

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CCSS: Designed

  • Well-scaffolded resource
  • Addresses Common Core standards
  • Easy and fun way to start a research project
  • Covers many different social studies/science topics
  • Easy to use

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